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From invoice receipt, through approval and matching, to exception processing, disbursement and vendor relations, we cover the entire A/P process from beginning to end for our clients From billing to lockbox and cash
application to exception management and customer relations, we manage the entire Accounts Receivable process for our clients
From all of the transactional
activities to financial statement preparation, we can handle an entire back office for our clients, so you can focus on analysis and decision-making what you were supposed to do in the first place
  • What are the Areas?
  • Data Capture
    Receipt and management of all paper-based payables documents
  • paper-based payables documents
  • Suspect Duplicate Analysis:
    Audit and control mechanisms to eliminate the risk of duplicate payments
  • Disbursement Services:
    All aspects of payments in minimal time to reduce customers' floating costs
  • Billing preparation Record and account for revenue Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system Preparing and delivering periodic statements Issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer Entering collections from customer in accounting system Maintaining ageing analysis Receivables status report
  • Recording of Transactions Journal Entry Ledger Maintenance & control Fixes Assets Register Ageing Reports Reconciliation – Bank/Payables/Receivables Cash Flow Financial Statements Preparation Vendor’s Query Help Desk
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Payroll Accrual &Tracking
  • Payroll Disbursement
  • Tax Compliance
  • Payroll Record Keeping
  • Payroll Helpdesk
  • Maintaining Employee Database
  • Receiving and Checking of Travel Expenses
  • Disbursement
  • Processing of Lease Rent
  • Compilation of Data for Tax compliances
  • Other Expenses incurred by Employee
  • Payroll Helpdesk
  • Maintaining Employee Database
  • Receipts of Materials
  • Issue of Materials
  • Unused/ scraps handling
  • Identifying shortage/excess
  • Recording of Receipts & Issue of Materials
  • Recording of consumption
  • Preparation of Reconciliation Receipts/Issue/Consumption
  • Stores Audit
  • Unused/ scraps handling
  • Optimizing utilization of man power deployed at stores
  • Payroll Accrual & Tracking
  • Developing system for smooth movement of materials
Manpower outsourcing involves providing personnel to the companies for a contracted period. These personnel are on the HR consultant's payrolls and enjoy normal employee benefits. Moreover, if the employer and even the employee see that they are not matching work demand, they can easily switch jobs without the hassles that usually go with it.
Manpower outsourcing is actually not a new concept. Professional staffing services is an established business in many other countries.
But the rise of outsourcing has highlighted its relevance in addressing the industry's needs.
Advantage from BusiPro
  • Flexibility in hiring
  • Cost and time saving in hiring process
  • Availability of staffs for short duration / project related work
  • Statutory obligations such as workmen's compensation, provident fund, gratuity, bonus, maternity benefits, professional tax, etc. are no longer a client's responsibility.
  • Registration with Government Department: Incorporation of Companies, PF, ESI, Society Registration,
  • Assistance in obtaining license under various labour laws